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Playing Outdoors We all know that children these days are not getting out enough into the fresh air.  The busy working lives of modern families and fears over child safety both conspire to keep children shut up in boxes.  The consequences are dire – children are becoming increasingly unfit, obesity levels in our populations continue to grow and children develop infections and allergies thanks to their over-sanitised lives.

Without the freedom to explore outdoors children don’t develop the resourcefulness and confidence that arises from self-management and independence.  They also miss out on many traditional and enjoyable past times that were so loved by children from previous generations, this is a great pity.  We know that children who get outdoors every day perform better, concentrate better and sleep and eat better.

Here at Raising Sparks we like to think outside of the box as much as we can and the great outdoors is one of our greatest inspirations.  Experiencing the natural world helps children to look and listen and to touch and feel and to learn with their whole bodies.   It enriches their understanding of the natural world and their understanding of themselves.

Why don’t you check out some of our fabulous ideas for outdoor activities for kids?

Tip and Suggestions For Adults Organising Outdoor Activities:

  • Get outdoors EVERY day!
  • You don’t have to be ‘outdoorsy’!  Think of all the activities you enjoy doing inside and take them outside, it will add a new dimension and enrich the activity.  Sit under a shady tree on summer days to read and tell stories.  Feel free to paint, sculpt and create.  And have as many picnics as you can!
  • We think children should get outdoors whatever the weather.  Ensure children are appropriately dressed for activities and if possible always try to have a few spares.
  • Carry a micro-towel.  If children find water there is a good chance they’ll want to get wet, micro-towels come into their own in these situations!
  • Always carry a well-charged mobile phone and some emergency cash.
  • Make sure children know what to do if they get lost.  For very young children consider identity wrist bands with contact numbers. (I must confess to actually writing on kids’ skin with felt-tip although this is not foolproof!)
  • Carry drinking water with you.  Dried fruit makes for a compact, high-calorie emergency snack should you find yourselves out longer than anticipated.
  • Make sure children (and adults) understand the importance of respecting the outdoor environment.

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