3rd Grade Science Projects

Need ideas for science projects?  All of our science projects are carried out and tested by our team of ’Little Sparks’ so we know that they will work for you and are suitable for your age.  Here are some great ideas for 3rd grade science projects, but remember adult supervision is always required!

Don’t forget that good science projects start with good questions.  We’ve got lots of questions below along with some practical hands-on kids science experiments that you can try out at home using everyday household items.  Observe what happens carefully and make some notes to help you write up your 3rd grade science project. Don’t forget you can return to our main page to browse all of our fun Kids Science Experiments.

blueflower 150x150 Capillary Action In Plants

How do plants drink? A popular and easy experiment to demonstrate capillary action in plants.

pint pot planet 150x150 Pint Pot Planet

Is it really true I could be drinking the same water as Abraham Lincoln? Make your own miniature pint-pot planet and learn how to demonstrate the constant recycling of water.

static popcorn 6 150x150 Static Popcorn

Why does dust always stick to the TV? Some really fun science experiments including how to make your own dancing ‘popcorn’. Have fun learning about static electricity.

liquid density2 150x150 Water Density Experiment

How does water change when you heat it? Try these neat science experiments which explore the effects of temperature on water density and impress your friends!

close up of yeast 150x150 Raising Agents – Blow Up Balloons With Yeast And Baking Soda!

Why is bread full of bubbles? Learn all about raising agents. Two very smart ways to blow up balloons using yeast and baking soda.

floating egg experiment 150x150 Floating Eggs Experiment

How can you make an egg float? A truly eggs-iting experiment for 3rd grade science projects. Experiment with solutions and learn more about density.

karate chop 150x150 A Game Of Inertia

Can you bring a science class to life with a game of inertia? Odd though it sounds this time honoured table cloth trick will bring science to life! Enjoy discovering about Newton’s Laws Of Motion with your friends.

Remember to check out all of our cool kids science experiments.

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