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Welcome to Raising Sparks ‘Science for kids’.  We are continually updating these pages and adding new and fun kids science experiments for parents and kids to carry out in the home.  We try very hard to ensure that all the equipment needed for our experiments are readily accessible in the home, so don’t waste another second, start browsing through our science experiments for kids and raise a few sparks!

Raising Sparks’ Top Cool Science Experiments For Kids

liquid density2 150x150 Water Density Experiment

Two fun science experiments which explore the effects of temperature on water density. Visually appealing and with a little practice you can impress all your class mates!

static popcorn 6 150x150 Static Popcorn

One of our most popular fun science experiments! Kids can have fun learning about static electricity. A safe experiment for kids of all ages.

pint pot planet 150x150 Pint Pot Planet

Make your own miniature universe and discover how to demonstrate the water cycle.

evaporating and condensing 150x150 Clean Water Science

Discover how to make this fantastic solar powered water still as well as exploring methods of water filtration. Fun and simple ways to demonstrate complex processes.

sugarstring2 150x150 Super Saturated Sugar Strings

Find out all about super saturated solutions with the Raising Sparks foolproof formula for making rock candy!

homemade litmus paper2 150x150 Acids And Bases For Kids

Having problems explaining acids and bases? Look no further! Great ideas for making your own litmus paper and much, much more.



Don’t forget to check out all of our super fun science experiments for kids!

It is important to us to do more than simply reduce science to a series of random ‘magic tricks’.  Magic tricks are merely amusing, but science is awesome! We really want children (and parents) to think and behave like scientists. Here at Raising Sparks we like more than anything  to hear the question ‘why?’  We want to encourage children to think of ways they might go about answering their own questions and testing out their own theories.

We try to put our experiments into wider contexts that children can understand and provide lots of related links for further exploration and experimentation.   For parents who want to get involved in their children’s education we offer a summary of the knowledge base each experiment covers as well as an insight into the investigative skills your children will be employing.

Lab Equipment At Raising Sparks:

We find the following items of equipment are indispensable and most will get used over and over again!

  • A deep sided tray – we use a large pet litter tray. (It also comes in handy for lots of our craft activities!)
  • Clear plastic bottles of all shapes and sizes – raid the recycling and have a collection to hand.
  • Food dye – two to three colours is quite enough.
  • Store cupboard ingredients – salt, sugar, bicarbonate of soda among others.
  • Paper clips – avoid those with plastic coatings.
  • Balloons
  • A flashlight
  • Post-it Notes


Experiments should be supervised by adults at all times.

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