Three Fun Word Games For Kids

Here are our Raising Sparks picks for the best fun word games for kids. Playing word games with your children is fun, but also a valuable way of boosting all their language skills without resorting to boring drill and flash card approaches. Most are compact and great for packing in the trunk when you go on your holidays. Word games don’t get better than these!


banangrams Race against your opponents and be the first to say ‘Bananas!’ We thought the best way to describe this game was rather like a quicker and simpler, free-form version of scrabble. Your word grids can be endlessly rearranged and your opponents can’t muscle in on your words or beat you to the triple scoring square! Easy to pack up and take on your travels. Banagrames is recommended for children of seven years and up. However we have discovered having a set of handy letter tiles like these is really useful for making up your own games and to support your child’s learning elsewhere. We think it is a truly versatile and useful word game to have in the toy cupboard.


quiddler1 Fast, fun and furious! Word play for all the family without having to spend hours establishing rules and learning the game. There is a solitaire option for a single player, but Quiddler is a word game that can accommodate up to eight players. Basically you need to form words out of the letters in your hand, while a long word might score high it is more than possible to win by playing lots of shorter words. The youngest member of the family has everything to play for! This is a beautifully designed game in every sense, we guarantee hours of family fun with Quiddler. Recommended for children of eight and up.

Rory’s Story Cubes

story cubes A word game for generating stories and inspiring creativity in language. This word game for kids deserves greater recognition we feel. Rory’s story cubes contain nine cubes with each side featuring a different image, these are used to spark the imagination and generate stories – you can tell them, act them out as the basis for drama exercises or kids can just use them to get their creative writing juices flowing. While it does come with a rules of play booklet you can actually use these cubes any way you like to support imaginative play fun and learning. Rory’s Story Cubes are recommended for children of eight and up, although we think with appropriate adult support younger children can gain from this fantastic educational resource.



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