Sugary Universe

This crafty little technique enables your little sparks to create swirling universes and constellations of color.  Avoid using absorbent construction paper (sugar paper). A smooth surface that holds water is best.

For This Activity You Will Need:

  • Large sheets of paper (A3 size)
  • Water
  • Sugar (refined, granulated white sugar works best)
  • Large surface area brushes (decorators’ brushes are cheaper than artists’ brushes and will do the job just fine.)
  • Marbling inks or liquid paint – two or three colors.

What to do:

First of all ‘paint’ your paper with water using the wide area brushes.  Now evenly sprinkle sugar all over the surface of the paper – the rule is you can’t really use too much sugar whereas too little or gaps will lessen the amazing effect.  Now drop tiny amounts of ink or liquid paint onto the paper and watch them spread to form fantastic whorls of color.

Make sure you leave the pictures to dry flat if you want to preserve the stunning effects. Here is a very sugary picture by one of our little sparks!


We love feedback!  Let us know how your little sparks got on with this funky and inspiring activity.

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