Paper Plate Crafts For Kids

Paper plates are definitely a staple in our craft cupboard and lend themselves to countless possibilities (as well as picnics!)  Here we have some of the Raising Sparks all time favourite paper plate crafts for kids. You can click images to enlarge.

paperplateclown2 300x244 Paper Plate Clown

Young toddlers just love this paper plate craft, especially the clown’s nose made from a small inflated balloon. Make a hole in the middle of the plate using a sharp pencil. When kids are happy with the final design of their clown face plates push the end of the balloon through the hole, inflate to the required nose size and then tie the balloon off.

paperplatedreamcatcher 253x300 Paper Plate Dream Catcher

Cut away the middle of the paper plate and punch holes around the rim. Use these to weave string in and out. Don’t forget to thread a few beads on as you work. Punch a hole in the top to make a loop for hanging and punch extra holes at the bottom to hang beads and feathers from.

paperplatelion 300x225 Lion Paper Plate Craft

Use spirals of dry pasta for a lovely ruffled mane effect to make this friendly paper plate lion. And spaghetti for whiskers of course!

paperplatewidemouthedfrog 300x225 Wide Mouthed Frog

When you fold a paper plate in half like this it can be manipulated as a hand puppet providing opportunities for language exploration as well as craft fun. Don’t forget to sing ‘Five Little Speckled Frogs’ when you have all finished. ‘Glub, Glub!’

paperplateflyingsaucer 300x231 Flying Saucers Of Course!

A paper plate craft that older kids enjoy and can get quite creative with – the plate is often just the start! Craft your aliens from paper, dough or clay. For the ‘alien cockpit’ we used the packaging from a Cornetto ice-cream. It is obligatory to get the xylophone out and do the Close Encounters music!

paperplatefish 300x225 Paper Plate Fish

A super simple idea – this paper plate craft is great for toddlers. Use lots of different paper textures for the scales. Fits in beautifully with lots of story activities.


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Karen August 22, 2012 at 11:37 pm

Love the ideas and plan to use some of them at our school. However, the balloon nose bothers me. Our son is a pediatrician and the first child he couldn’t save from death swallowed part of a balloon at his first birthday party. Regular latex balloons should not be around kids under five unless they are supervised very carefully. Little kids are fast and many of them put stuff in their mouths. Balloons, unlike many other objects, can’t be removed via the Heimlich method.


Mandy September 3, 2012 at 11:33 am

Thanks for the note of caution Karen. We always advise careful supervision of all our craft activities. Hope these activities work out well for you and the kids at school!


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