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This weekend at 8.30pm (local time!) on Saturday 26th March people all around the globe will be switching off their lights for Earth Hour 2011.  This year the organisation is asking participants to think of ways their actions to support our planet can continue beyond the single hour.  Why not get your Little Sparks involved?  Future generations need us to start behaving in environmentally responsible ways now.  Gather children around a candle lit table and get them to think of ways the family can reduce their carbon footprint.  Make a list and then as a family make a commitment!  Here are some ideas:

  • Get your Little Sparks to form a light-bulb or dripping tap patrol.  Provide a clipboard with a check list for each room to support their ‘official role’.
  • Set yourself a landfill limit each week and think of ways to reduce and recyle your waste.  Have a weekly weigh in!  Get older children to make a bar chart recording your progress.
  • Get each member of the family to make a funky stocking draught excluder for all the doors in the house to reduce heat loss.  Decorate with trimmings and buttons from old clothes which have ceased to serve their intended purpose and stuff the stockings with the rags.
  • Grow some of your own vegetables. (There will be lots of child friendly gardening ideas here at Raising Sparks as spring gets underway!)
  • Walk or cycle to school.

Why not make your own earth inspired candle holders so that you are ready for this year’s Earth Hour?  For this craft activity you will need:

  • A nice family walk!  Appreciate your local earth and gather little stones, cones, nuts or shells.
  • A lump of air drying clay, about the size of an adult fist.
  • A tea light candle.    

Flatten out your clay slightly (You can shape it anyway you please otherwise) and place your tea light in the centre of the clay.  Now push your collected materials into the clay around the tea light.  Be careful to make sure that nothing will actually catch on the flame once it is lit!

No time to make your own candle? Never fear, Earth Hour organisers have made this lovely ‘Virtual Lantern’ activity.

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