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chocolate nests It is compulsory around here to make chocolate nests at Easter.  We use Shredded Wheat on the grounds it looks more stick-like and in the hope it might at least inject a little dietary fibre into all the chocolate mania!

An egg drop competition is a super way to get Little Sparks thinking inventively. Here we provide just one idea for making egg parachutes – but just as surely as there is more than one way to cook an egg there must be plenty of ways to break them also!

Confetti eggs are another firm favourite Easter tradition.  They are easy to make and even more fun to

Confetti eggs

This is a really fun Easter craft.  You can use your eggs as part of a hunt, but the real fun is cracking the eggs over the heads of unsuspecting adult visitors!  To make your confetti  eggs you will need:

  • A clean pin and toothpick
  • Eggs
  • A straw
  • Coloured tissue paper
  • A small bowl of water
  • Confetti or glitter
  • A small funnel – you can fashion one out of a cone of paper
  • Mischief!

What to do:

You will already have made small holes in your egg, if need be make one of these a little larger using a toothpick.  The hole should be just large enough to pour some confetti in the egg.  Rip the coloured tissue paper into strips.  Start by placing a strip of wet tissue over the holes in the egg to seal in the confetti.  Continue to cover your egg in the strips of wet tissue until it is completely covered.  It should look very pretty!  Leave you eggs to dry out and put them aside for Easter day.  Surprise your friends and relatives by cracking the eggs over their heads!

confetti egg

*Blowing eggs:

Use a clean pin to make small holes at both ends of the egg.   If you poke around a bit you should find a weak spot that is easier to pierce.  Use the toothpick to enlarge the holes.  The hole on the pointed end should not be larger than the diameter of your straw, but the hole on the round end can be bigger as you will use this hole to pour the confetti into the egg.  Use the toothpick to break the yolk inside the egg and then using the straw blow through the smaller hole.  You should see the innards of the egg coming out of the wider end.  When you have emptied the egg wash it out with water several times and leave it to dry.

Egg parachutes!

The Easter egg drop is all about good humoured competition and skilful engineering!  To make your egg parachute you will need:

  • A small box, we use those cubed tissue boxes which
    conveniently feature egg shaped openings.
  • A plastic bag or bin liner.
  • Toilet roll inner
  • Glue
  • String
  • Hole punch
  • Collage bits and bobs for decoration.
  • Pebbles or wooden eggs
  • Eggs

What to do:

Open out your plastic bags. The larger this surface the greater the air resistance will be and the slower the egg will drop. Hopefully in one piece.  We found cutting an octagon shape works well, but you can experiment.

To make the basket, cut a toilet tube in half.  Now cut slits half way up the remaining length and splay them out so the tube can be glued to the bottom of the tissue box.  This is where the egg will sit.  Punch holes in each of the top four corners
of the tissue box.  Decorate box as desired.

Use string to attach your parachute to the basket.  We’ve found that two strings through each hole from adjacent corners of the octagon work well.  One more really crafty tip is to make a very small hole in the centre of your parachute.  This helps the whole thing to fall straight rather than be unbalanced by air flowing over one side.

Good luck!

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marina April 21, 2011 at 4:50 pm

Those are great ideas, I especially love the confetti eggs craft, I will definitely do it with the kids so they can full unsuspecting grandparents at Easter :)
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