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girl painting 201x300 Here at Raising Sparks we have lots of easy craft ideas (updated weekly) to encourage and support creativity in your Little Sparks.  We try very hard to make sure that any materials required for our fun kids crafts can be obtained easily and are accessible to all.  We like to encourage the use of recycled materials wherever we can so hold onto your old egg cartons, cereal boxes and yoghurt pots!

It is very important to us that children should be allowed make their own choices about using and choosing materials and that they set their own goals and challenges.  Younger children in particular will often be more interested in processes and practising skills rather than producing anything that you could hang up in The Louvre!  If they need to explore glue rather than actually stick something on a page, so be it! This spontaneous exploration is vital to all aspects of their development and well being.

Our Most Popular Craft Ideas

iceleaves2 150x150 International Year Of Forests – Craft Ideas

Why not celebrate the International Year Of Forests with these inspired kids craft ideas?

sweetpictures 150x150 Sugary Universe

A really fun and easy kids craft activity for even the very youngest of Little Sparks.

styrofoamprinting2 150x150 Styrofoam Printing

A fantastic printing activity for kids. Explore traditional printing techniques using recycled materials.

germ blow paint 150x150 Blow Painting

Fun and easy. This blow painting activity has proved to be one of the most popular with parents of toddlers. We’re hoping the toddlers have fun with it too!

playdoughwildthing 150x150 Playdough Wild Things

Why didn’t we think of this earlier? One of those super easy kids crafts that Little Sparks of all ages can enjoy.

Please remember to visit our many other fun and easy kids crafts

Please remember that children should always be supervised during these craft activities.  Try to find a place to work where mess can be easily dealt with – and take it outdoors whenever the weather permits.  Ensure children are dressed comfortably in old clothes and have wipes or a bowl of warm, soapy water to hand before starting.  Keep things relaxed, it is good for you and your Little Sparks.

The Raising Sparks Crafty Store Cupboard

Children need access to a wide range of materials that encourage them to explore the world creatively using all their senses.  Here is what I generally have in my craft boxes, lots of the items are everyday household objects, recycled or ‘for free’.  The list is far from exhaustive but a good start.  Develop a ‘magpie eye’ and scavenge promising objects and materials whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Household Items:

Medicine droppers, turkey basters, sponges, jay-clothes, pan scourers, combs, nailbrushes, string, sandpaper, tinfoil, cling film, dolly pegs, paper doilies, straws, rolling pins and cookie cutters, scissors.

Foraged Items:

Conkers, pine cones, sea-shells, stones, acorns, sticks.  We also gather materials such as leaves, flowers, whips and suckers as and when we feel a project coming on!

Sticky Stuff And Attaching Stuff:

White PVA glue, glue sticks, sellotape, masking tape, double sided sticky tape, duct tape.  Paper clips, bull dog clips, stapler, needle and thread.

The Pantry:

Salt, sugar, cornflour, flour, cream of tartar, vegetable oil, out-of-date or end-of-packet staples such as pasta, rice, beans and lentils.  Occasionally other food items are pressed into to use.

Collage and Bits And Bobs:

Popsicle sticks, sequins, glitter, googly eyes, feathers, pom-poms buttons, stickers, and pipe cleaners.

Mark Making:

Pens and felt tips of all colours and thicknesses, chalks, wax crayons, pencil crayons, assorted paint brushes, non-toxic washable paints, charcoal.  Paper and card of all descriptions, we also find a cheap roll of lining paper is very handy.  Recycle as much as possible!


Collect bits and pieces from discarded clothes (don’t forget pretty buttons!), ribbons, felt, velvet, scraps of ‘fun fur’.


Air drying clay, plasticine, recycled items as below.

From the recycling bins:

Corks, cotton reels, plastic pots and bottles of all shapes and sizes, egg cartons, milk or juice cartons, glass jars, jar lids, cardboard boxes of all kinds.

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