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multiculturalbabies1 It is thought a child will learn more in the first four years of their life than they ever will during their entire time in formal education.  As a parent you are your child’s first and most enduring educator.  It is a weighty responsibility, that’s for sure.  And you can also be sure that in those first four years your child is watching your every move and taking on board your every utterance! Even if it might not always seem like it, they are your number one fans – we suggest you make the most of it – the average stalker has nothing on these Little Sparks.

At Raising Sparks we have put together a range of baby activities to help you make the most of your baby’s natural curiosity and desire to learn.  Providing a broad range of stimulating experiences should be a goal, but babies even more crucially need interaction with adults if these experiences are to extend into real learning.  Talking with your baby as you go about your every day chores and routines and helping them to make connections between experiences is essential to encourage language, learning and development.  Don’t forget to listen to your baby or growing toddler as well, make eye contact, let them know they have your attention.  You are responding to emotional needs as well as intellectual needs by acknowledging their efforts and recognising their achievements. And don’t forget, a well placed smile from a parent is sometimes worth a thousand words.

Raising Sparks Top Toddler And Baby Activities – As Chosen By Babies!

shredded paper play 150x150 Messy Play: Shredded Paper

Ready? Shreddy! Go! Fabulous activities for toddlers and babies. Safe and fun messy play for all.

dinosaurs in flour 150x150 Messy Play For Toddlers

Whether you’re baking or not there is plenty to explore when you spill the flour! Check out these great ideas for messy, sensory play.

shaving foam best 150x150 Three Fabulous Ideas For Sensory Play

Age appropriate sensory play activities for toddlers and babies to entertain,stimulate and enhance all areas of development.

We have lots of other great ideas for baby and toddler activities here.

Some of the ideas included here may seem incredibly simple or completely obvious to some parents and you may think that surely nobody needs to be told to do this thing or that thing – but the reality is many parents are learning with their babies and their growing children.  It’s nice to come across new ideas and is also nice to know that some of the things you do quite naturally as a parent are exactly what your baby needs.   Raising Sparks is first and foremost a resource for all parents.  We want to support their natural enthusiasm and their desire to grow with their babies.

Please remember that babies and very young children respond better to activities when they are well rested and are not hungry.  Never rush or feel that you must ‘do something’ everyday, especially if you really haven’t got time.  We think it is equally important that parents and carers also feel relaxed.  All experiences are learning experiences so involve your baby in your daily routines and exploit learning opportunities as they arise – there is a great deal to chat about when you are in a queue at the supermarket!

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