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babysky Welcome to Raising Sparks, the website that grows with your family!

We have fabulous ideas here for kids of all ages.  Whether you are looking for tips on baby development, need a crafty idea for next week’s playgroup or inspiration for a science fair, Raising Sparks is here to help.

Raising Sparks is about igniting the imagination and reaching for the stars.  We do not like limits!  Kids grow and develop simultaneously in multiple directions.  We hope to develop a resource center, which caters for every child’s limitless capacity for learning.

We think that babies are fascinating. (Yes, and very adorable!) They learn so quickly. We are always adding to our range of activities for toddlers and babies to help parents stimulate all areas of development.

We have drawn on a wealth of expertise to bring you excellent advice on kids reading.  As well as arming parents with the practical knowledge they need – see our free download on teaching phonics – there are plenty of fun language based activities to ensure that kids remain engaged.

Many parents struggle to help their kids with science, especially when it’s time to turn in a decent science fair project.  We have plenty of exciting kids science experiments for children of all ages.  We never include an experiment without first conducting a trial run with assistance from our enthusiastic team of Little Sparks.  We try to make sure that any equipment needed is accessible in the home.

Perhaps you need ideas for kids’ craft activities?  We have developed a range of activities that can be tweaked to suit the needs of different age groups, with plenty of ideas for further creative exploration.  You need never feel stuck on a rainy day again!  Not that we’d let a spot of rain put us off exploring the great outdoors.  We firmly believe this is a place to stretch minds as well as muscle.  Why not check out our inspiring range of outdoor activities for kids?

Most of all we want parents and kids to have fun learning together.  And remember there is no such thing as being too clever or running too fast!

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Elena October 17, 2011 at 9:30 pm

Thank you for your Free Phonics Guide – I really need it for my children!! :-) )


Mandy October 18, 2011 at 9:46 am

Your welcome Elena, we hope you find it very useful!


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